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Should you notice bothersome stains or a loss of colour in your carpets or favourite furniture, it may be tempting to ignore the issue or attempt to perform the cleaning yourself. Household products only go so far, however, with many spills leaving marks and odours in the longer term. Trained in the most advanced Chem-Dry solutions and with industrial tools in hand, our Crawley technicians provide carpet and upholstery cleaning in exceptional time. Whether you come to us for carpet cleaning, dedicated carpet stain removal or protective measures, we send reliable carpet cleaners with years of experience and keen attention to detail.


As a carpet cleaning company operating out of Copthorne, Crawley, Gatwick Chemdry rejuvenates rugs, curtains and furniture for customers in the local area. Please contact us on 01293 889949 to arrange a consultation and no-obligation quotation.

A Strong Work Ethic and First-Rate Communication


Although their services may be perfectly acceptable, not every carpet cleaning company in the Crawley area will be as attentive as Gatwick Chemdry. We train our staff in the use of equipment and friendly customer service, ensuring a friendly process and enjoyable experience overall. This approach makes us a preferred choice of carpet cleaners for local homeowners and business alike, as we continue to grow through enthusiastic recommendations.


By calling us for upholstery cleaning and carpet stain removal, you can expect to receive a careful, considerate service tailored to your personal schedule. This proves especially useful for commercial clients who need their staff to continue without distractions. We inspect your carpets, curtains and furniture as necessary, and apply the most suitable Chem-Dry solutions for unparalleled results.


Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions


From treasured armchairs to discoloured office carpets, our technicians improve the state of fabrics across Crawley and offer their services at a low cost to provide excellent value for money. We remove everything from wine and coffee stains to pet urine, complete with lingering odours, and can often deliver a renewed carpet or sofa in a matter of hours. As a skilled carpet cleaning company, Gatwick Chemdry has everything you need for a comfortable space, filled with vibrancy and free from unwanted smells.


When it comes to rugs, leather, curtains and upholstery cleaning, professional care is required. In the case of leather especially, household products may even damage the surface and impact its protective layer. We use specialised chemicals for each task to maintain the health of your possessions.


Please contact Gatwick Chemdry in Crawley for carpet stain removal and more. We can apply a protective coating to prevent dirt from attaching to your carpet’s fibres, making it easier to vacuum in the process. Our experts will be happy to explain these services in greater detail.

For a talented carpet cleaner with proven techniques, please call 01293 889949. Our carpet cleaning company in Crawley serves customers in the West Sussex area.

Gatwick Chemdry
Gatwick Chemdry